Additional technical support

If you need more detailed support, periodic inventory verification and regular monitoring of your integration - we will do it for you as part of the new additional service. Additional technical support is available in two variants - STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL depending on how often you want us to control the correctness of the Integrator's operations.

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1. Support in communication with supplier (XML errors)
2. Integration  inspection (on demand, twice a month)


1. Support in communication with supplier (XML errors)
2. 1 business hour for your individual preferences changes regarding integration
3. Integration  inspection (regular, once a week)


  • Running a store takes a lot of time to check if everything is working properly. Can you help me out and make sure that everything works properly? Of course, our additional technical support takes over the need to regularly verify whether the data sent from the supplier is performed well and if data is imported correctly by your expectations, pricing policy, and other set parameters.
  • I bought the integration 2 months ago. My shop has been integrated with three wholesalers, I have over 30,000 products. The products sell very well and I take a long time to manage orders. I need a service that would ensure my inventory monitoring. Choose the additional service "Additional technical support" - both in the STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL versions we monitor the status of integration. Depending on how often you want to monitor your inventory, you can choose one of these options.
  • The pictures are too small in my store, can you please improve them? The support service does not cover store elements that are not directly related to integration. In such cases, we recommend contacting the support department of your store platform.
  • Can there be any errors in the file provided by the warehouse? As part of the technical support service, we can monitor your integration, and thus any errors in the file provided by the warehouse. Additionally, if the source of the problem is beyond the operation of our Integrator, we will direct you to whom and in what areas you should ask for support.

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