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For the past 20 years or so, there has been a significant increase in interest in organic products worldwide.  The development of science and access to information are among the main factors that have resulted in an increased awareness of the direct impact of food on health. A number of studies carried out over recent years confirm the relationship between diet and increased risk of specific diseases. They confirm the link between the foods consumed and, among other things, metabolic processes, hormone secretion, the rate of cell regeneration and the risk of other diseases. The fashion for healthy eating, promoting the slogan 'you are what you eat', has forced the appearance of a wide range of organic products on the market. People have started to pay attention not only to the appearance of food products, but also to their composition and origin.

One of the wholesalers leading the way in the organic products market is Bioplanet. Offering a rich and diverse range of bio-products, it has managed to win the trust of many customers over the years. Bioplanet deals with both production and distribution of organic food. It has around 7,000 products in its range. The bio food offered by Bioplanet is continuously inspected by specialised certification bodies.

Since its inception, the company has placed emphasis on the natural taste of its products. It sources all its raw materials from carefully selected and verified sources. For example, it imports palm sugar from Indonesia, agave syrup from Mexico, and eggs, buckwheat groats, carrots, apples and lettuce from Polish organic farmers. Bioplanet also takes care to optimise transport for Food Miles. The idea is to reduce the distance a product travels before it gets from the field to the plate. The idea is that it should be kept to a minimum to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, the company works in accordance with the international HACCP quality assurance system and has implemented the British BRC quality standard.

Bioplanet's mission is to spread ecological awareness in society and promote natural and healthy ingredients in the daily food diet.

According to the rules of healthy eating, there are several basic principles to keep in mind: eating a wide variety of meals on a regular basis, including fruit and vegetables in the diet (with a predominance of the former) and eating as little processed food as possible. Thanks to Bioplanet's wide range of products, adhering to the main principles of a healthy diet can be remarkably simple.

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