What should characterise a good wholesaler?

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Choosing the right wholesaler for an online shop owner can be quite a challenge. Regardless of the industry in which the trader operates, a thorough analysis of the wholesaler, both in terms of the product range and the terms of cooperation itself, can result in fewer unpleasant surprises. The entrepreneur can then devote time to other important aspects of the sale.

To avoid unnecessary disappointments, including financial losses, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

    • A wide assortment from proven manufacturers. A wide range of products and regular innovations are what today's customer wants. If they are to return regularly, the wholesaler should ensure their quality.
    • The wholesaler's experience. This often translates into a well-developed company-wide work organisation strategy, proven procedures and high service quality.
    • A simple, efficient and intuitive ordering system. It is worth paying attention to the payment options, whether the system offers the possibility to pay via various channels, such as quick transfers, traditional transfers and additional channels such as paypal or stripe. A high degree of automation in order processing directly minimises the risk of errors.
    • Transparent rules of cooperation, convenient payment terms, clear discount policy
    • Operation of wholesalers in the dropshipping model. Some wholesalers offer dropshipping only on the territory of Poland. In the case of foreign shipments, the shop has to organise its own courier.
    • Attractive shipping costs. Pay attention if the wholesaler reduces shipping costs or offers free shipping for larger orders.
    • Efficient contact with the wholesaler, both by email and telephone, the time it takes to respond to email enquiries.
    • Good reputation of the wholesaler.

Another important issue is the return policy. It is important to remember that wholesalers cooperate with shops on a b2b basis, consumer returns are not obligatory here. The shop is only entitled to claim a refund if the customer has received an incorrect, defective or damaged product. The timeframe for reporting this is set out in the wholesaler's terms and conditions. Accepting consumer returns is therefore an individual decision of the wholesaler.

When choosing a wholesaler, it is not enough to simply go through online resources. If you contact a wholesaler directly, by email, in person or by phone, you will be able to find out more details and clear up any doubts you may have. It is worth asking about such important issues as: time of preparation and shipment of goods, the possibility to use photos and descriptions of the wholesaler, accepting consumer returns. Some wholesalers offer additional benefits of cooperation such as attractive bonus schemes, marketing or logistical support. Careful reading of the wholesaler's offer and how it works will help you avoid major setbacks.

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