What is an ftp server and what is it used for?

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When navigating the Internet and searching for a suitable database, we may come across the concept of FTP server. Although for many it is a familiar term, some of its aspects may still be a difficulty for some.

So let's start with the basics

A server is a computer program or device that enables other services, programs or devices called clients to function. In the simplest terms, servers are used to store files, share data and resources. It allows a website to function around the clock. Companies within a server can exchange files between users, a communication protocol called FTP server is used for this.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that is used to transfer files. It allows the exchange of data and commands between devices on a network, the FTP client and the FTP host (server). An FTP server is a type of remote directory that allows two-way data transmission, that is, files are uploaded to the server and downloaded by the client.

The FTP protocol allows a connection between the server and the client to be established using the FTP command channel. It depends on the server's configuration whether access to the server's resources is anonymous and does not require an authentication password, but most often, authentication of the connection to the server is done using a login and password. To get to the FTP server you will need a program that will allow you to connect your computer to the server. Such a program is an FTP client.

The most well-known FTP clients are: Total Commander, FileZilla, WinSCP, TurboFTP, AbleFTP, and Konqueror.

FTP configuration - connecting to the server

The server connection is just a few pieces of information needed to log in:

    • the address of the FTP server (FTP host)
    • port for connecting to the server
    • login (FTP user/user name)
    • password (pass)

Most problems may occur when finding these data. The configuration data are available in the server administration panel. At the moment of buying the hosting - a place on the server, we receive a welcome mail (with the data we need) and access to the panel that allows to manage the account and the server. In the panel there should be a tab named FTP/ FTP server, from where we can download the data. In case of any difficulties, it is always worth contacting the hosting provider.


An FTP server is used to handle a large number of files, which is often necessary when creating websites. When making changes to a website, you can manage file transfers during an FTP session. These files are easily accessible by those who have the login credentials to the FTP server. With FTP you are able to control and manage your website for example by creating backups on it.

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