Dropshipping know-how

What is the cost of starting an online store?

A basic online store, let’s say a continuation or an extention of your website, can be established for a several dozen or for a couple of houndred zlotys while a fully independent e-store with thousands products in the offer can cost up to several thousand monthly.  ·  5 min read

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SXO for online stores

SXO (Search Experience Optimization) is a combination of SEO and UX. It is a set of techniques aimed at optimizing the user experience at the search engine level.  ·  4 min czytania

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Customer intelligence and marketing automation - the edrone example

Customer intelligence is a must-have solution if you run an online store and look for ways to obtain data on the interests of your customers or information on how frequently they visit your website.  ·  5 min read

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Company’s online business card

If you are a company owner, we don’t need to convince you that being present online is a must. Online business cards are an effective and efficient promotional tool.  ·  2 min read

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10 tips on website design

Have you ever entered a website because you were trying to find a specific piece of information, but the page turned out to be completely intransparent? Texts that don’t stand out from the background, too much content or overlapping graphics are only some of the elements you should avoid when designing a website.  ·  4 min read

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Products descriptions for an online store (best practices)

Creating descriptions of products and categories in accordance with SEO principles generates traffic and support for website positioning. How to write good product descriptions for an online store and why is it worth doing?  ·  5 min read

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Intelligent websites - responsive web design

In the era of mobile devices and web development, you can frequently hear about responsive web design. What is it and how does it work?  ·  2 min read

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Each company has its own advertising policy. It’s an excellent recipe for promoting your products and encouraging potential customers to make a purchase. Many people claim to hate advertising but is it truly the case? If it wasn’t for ads, you wouldn’t have most of the items you currently own. So, how to effectively reach buyers and attract their attention? Remarketing is one of the methods of doing it.  ·  3 min read

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SEO for an online store

Are you an online store owner wondering how to attract more recipients and increase product sales? What if you realize that the market abounds in various competitors, yet, you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Consider investing in SEO for your e-commerce and improve your visibility.  ·  4 min read

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Blog for an online store

With an appropriate approach, running a company blog can help you generate new sales leads. It’s an ideal recipe for building relationships with customers. A blog is a quality advertising tool that supports SEO, improves Google positions and makes it easier for potential buyers to access your store.  ·  3 min read

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