Automatic integration with supplier Handlosfera - Handlosfera data feed

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What is the aim of this module?

Integration with a wholesale supplier Handlosfera - you obtain a prepared solution

The Integrator allows to update a shop with the products offered by a wholesal supplier Handlosfera as well as their regular updates. You do not require to be familiar with PHP, XML or CSV - you obtain a ready solution which is an installed integrator, its configuration is is in line with your requirements.

About Handlosfera Sp. o.o. This is one of the largest producers and distributors of gadgets in Poland. Each of our stunning gadget we create in order to become for someone special, surprise gift. Whenever your customer chooses it for yourself or give decides to close, meets a small part of our mission. The company offers both products created under its own brands, as well as a wide range of goods from other manufacturers.

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The details of the products, in particular descriptions and pictures provided by a Supplier are protected by law - before they are used, the owner of the shop is obliged to obtain a permission to do it from a Supplier.
The author and provider of The Integrator is not an intermediary between a Shop and a Supplier, The Integrator uses only the data provided by the Shop and with the Whosaler's agreement.