Automatic integration with supplier Manilla by Anter - Manilla by Anter data feed

A woman without jewelry is like a night sky without stars. Beautiful, but it lacks something


What is the aim of this module?

Integration with a wholesale supplier Manilla by Anter - you obtain a prepared solution

The Integrator allows to update a shop with the products offered by a wholesal supplier Manilla by Anter as well as their regular updates. You do not require to be familiar with PHP, XML or CSV - you obtain a ready solution which is an installed integrator, its configuration is is in line with your requirements.

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About Manilla by Anter

A woman without jewelry is like a night sky without stars. Beautiful, but something is missing. Something small, which launches attention, emphasizes the style, will attract a look, will not let your eyes take away. Well-chosen jewelry is like the last brush brush on the image of Van Gogh. We do not like mass production and starting solutions, so Manilla by Anter jewelry only hand. We use the highest quality materials (silver, silver gold plated) and semi-precious stones - including turquoise, opal, aquamarine, grenade, tourmaline. We create our projects without a hurry, let us be born in our imagination and slowly ripened. We are not in a hurry. We join production only when we are sure that our proposal will appeal to you. We know you are beautiful. We want our jewelry to emphasize it. We constantly follow world fashion trends to offer you the most fashionable patterns and colors. We give you confidence that Manilla by Anter jewelry, you become an icon style.

Relation Supplier - Shop

The details of the products, in particular descriptions and pictures provided by a Supplier are protected by law - before they are used, the owner of the shop is obliged to obtain a permission to do it from a Supplier.
The author and provider of The Integrator is not an intermediary between a Shop and a Supplier, The Integrator uses only the data provided by the Shop and with the Whosaler's agreement.

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