Automatic integration with supplier Lanti - Lanti data feed

Lanti is a Polish fashion brand. It's comfortable, non-binding cuts, simple lines and consistent colors, just a beautiful convenience

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Number of products: 300
Price: from 15 € (net / paid every 3 mo)

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Data sheet

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What is the aim of this module?

Integration with a wholesale supplier Lanti - you obtain a prepared solution

The Integrator allows to update a shop with the products offered by a wholesal supplier Lanti as well as their regular updates. You do not require to be familiar with PHP, XML or CSV - you obtain a ready solution which is an installed integrator, its configuration is is in line with your requirements.

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About Lanti

Lanti is a Polish fashion brand. It's comfortable, non-binding cuts, simple lines and consistent colors, just a beautiful convenience. A proposal for creative, original women who take care of harmony in every field of life. The name of Lanti inspired the word "Ribelanti", in Esperanto, meaning a rebellion, a woman breaking diagrams. From the beginning, we wanted this to be our client - an independent, no shut down in stereotypes, looking at fashion and life with a distance. The urban nature of dresses, blouses and Lanti cardigans makes them work at both the desk, behind the wheel and walk around the city. In a good style, on time and conveniently, we used to be that every thing before you go, passing through the hands of twelve people. From the designer through the cut and dressmaker, to the photographic and graphic studio to finally hit the magazine and then to ship. We make sure that each of these twelve people feel an important element of this puzzle. Thanks to this, our work is accompanied by a unique atmosphere. And you can be sure that buying things with the lanta method, you support native entrepreneurs, artists and craftsmen. We approach the trends in Lanti seriously. Only so that you do not have to. Here we are hard to work, we are pouring a heap of warehouses and thousands of websites, we spend hours in the design studio, and then in the sewing room so that you can simply wear fashionable and comfortable clothes that will accompany you for many seasons. Without tracking trends, without completing styling, without all this bustling. Just - just like you like.

Relation Supplier - Shop

The details of the products, in particular descriptions and pictures provided by a Supplier are protected by law - before they are used, the owner of the shop is obliged to obtain a permission to do it from a Supplier.
The author and provider of The Integrator is not an intermediary between a Shop and a Supplier, The Integrator uses only the data provided by the Shop and with the Whosaler's agreement.

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