Add an extra supplier

Do you want to increase the number of wholesalers as part of your package? Add another supplier to the packages PRO or BOSS without increasing the number of products. You can add up to 4 wholesalers to the PRO package and up to 3 wholesalers to the BOSS package. The cost of adding an extra wholesaler is the same for quarterly and half-yearly settlements.

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  • I am interested in working with 4 suppliers, but the BOSS package goes beyond my development plans now. Is there anything in between? Yes, choose our new additional service, thanks to which you will increase the number of wholesalers without having to upgrade to a higher package.
  • I already have 7 suppliers integrated with you, but I plan to expand my business with new suppliers in the future. Will this be possible with you or do I have to look for another company? Of course! Thanks to the possibility of adding another wholesaler, you can extend the BOSS package with additional wholesalers. You can also increase the number of products by choosing another additional service "Double the product package" and thus develop your store by offering more products.

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