Automatic editing of warehouse file items

Every successful business is different. We love your vision and respect your approach. Choose this add-on to automatically edit products’ names, descriptions, or other elements from the supplier’s file before adding them to your store.

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Price: 40 € (net / paid every 12 mo)

Save hours of work that you can dedicate to growing your business!
Our innovative service - Automatic modification of product names and descriptions is the answer to your needs. You can easily customize product names and descriptions for your online store. All you have to do is provide us with the guidelines needed for the changes and we will customize the products according to your needs.

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  • The data provided by wholesalers is different from what I would like to have in my store. Can they be edited automatically? Of course, we offer numerous filters that allow you to edit selected attributes provided by the wholesaler and adapt them to your requirements.
  • I have integrated my store with a wholesaler that has product descriptions that do not suit me. I would like all products' descriptions to include the name of my shop. Can such a change be made by you? Yes, it is possible with our "Automatic editing of warehouse file items". The service is possible after providing a specific example with a required change.
  • Most product descriptions from a warehouse have links referring to their website. I don't want to change it myself, can I pass this on to you? Yes, we can turn on and run a dedicated filter that will remove all links from the product description to help you run your business as planned.
  • There are EAN codes in the product names, that are just unnecessary. Can you remove all numbers from product names? Yes, we can turn on a dedicated filter, responsible for removing all numbers from names.
  • Product descriptions from wholesalers contain a lot of HTML code, I have to remove it before listing the product on Allegro, What can I do about it? We can remove redundant HTML from the descriptions, leaving only the tags accepted by Allegro.

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