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We know well that time is money. Choose our EXPRESS package so we can stock your store in a maximum of 48 hours! The implementation time for the integration in STANDARD version is up to 7 business days.

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  • Does the EXPRESS service apply to one warehouse or can it apply to several? The EXPRESS service applies to 1 warehouse.
  • If you won't integrate my store within 48 hours, will I get a refund? Yes, but we start the implementation of this service after receiving all the necessary data, verifying the file, and confirming that the EXPRESS integration is possible.
  • I bought the package on Friday and I want my shop to start operating on Monday, can you do the EXPRESS integration over the weekend? We work business days only, but please contact us, we will surely work out a satisfactory solution.
  • During the integration my shop broke down - is there any chance that you could continue the service? If there is a technical problem on the store's side or it is related to errors In the warehouse XML file, the EXPRESS service will be suspended until the failure is removed, after that we continue the service.
  • I want to connect a warehouse that is not on your list. Can you integrate it with my store within 7 days? I have already received the XML file of this warehouse. Send us the XML file provided by the warehouse at biuro@megamo.pl. After analyzing the file, we will confirm the possibility of providing the EXPRESS service.
  • 48 hours have passed, but not all products from the warehouse have been added to my store yet, why? We guarantee the connection of the warehouse to the store within the set time limit, along with the initial configuration with product import being started. However, we cannot guarantee The addition of all products, because it depends primarily on the performance of your store itself - a factor that we do not influence on.
  • Out of 5,000 products during the integration you added almost all of them, but for 50 of them, the integrator signaled a problem. Should I consider such a service as finished and done? The process of adding products depends on the given e-commerce platform and the number of products in the file from the warehouse. The integration (including EXPRESS integration) is considered completed when the login data is sent to the Integrator Panel along with the integration summary and the start Of adding products to the store. Any problems with adding products are solved as part of the technical support service.

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