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You’re not happy with the results of your sale? Replace a warehouse from your package for another one from the list of All Suppliers or suggest your own that caught your eye and let us know about it by sending an XML file.

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  • I am satisfied with your integration services, but my shop does not sell. Can I replace the warehouse with another one? Yes. We can also offer you a few wholesalers from the segment that interests you.
  • The warehouse that I want to be integrated with is not on your list. How can I integrate with it? Send us an email at with the XML file provided by the warehouse for technical verification. If the file is correct we will start the integration once you purchase the package that suits you best.
  • I bought an integration with one wholesaler, but after 2 weeks I managed to sell only one product. Can I replace the warehouse with another one? Yes, you can replace the selected wholesaler from your package, but we advise changing it after a longer period. We suggest giving customers time to get to know and like your new products. From our experience, the most optimal time is about 3 months.
  • I have purchased a PRO package. My shop has been integrated with three wholesalers. I am satisfied with the cooperation with two of them, and not with one. Can I exchange it for another 2 weeks after buying the PRO package for the first time? Yes, it is possible. You can use our additional service "Change the supplier" and Be integrated with another wholesaler based on an XML file, which you will be asked to send us.
  • I want to cancel one integration of the three that I've purchased. Will the products be automatically removed from my store? The products will remain in your store, but will be disabled and not updated. You can remove them yourself from the panel of your store.

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