Double the product package

If you need additional products as part of your package, take advantage of the possibility of doubling the product limit. You can buy more than one package of additional products. The cost of the additional package is the same for quarterly and half-yearly accounting.

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  • I'm interested in a supplier that has more than 3,000 products. Is it possible to integrate more than the product limit? Yes, choose our new add-on and make use of doubling the products in your plan, or select a higher plan that includes more products - 10 thousand in PRO or 30 thousand in BOSS
  • I have a PRO plan and am planning on buying the increased product limit. Can the products be used by all 3 suppliers? Yes, the product package can be freely distributed among all wholesalers.
  • Do the size or color variants count towards the product limit? No, even if a given product comes in 10 size variants, it is counted as one product.
  • I want to limit the number of products in my store, how can I cancel the additional package? It is enough that you do not extend the additional service. To do that, please send us an email to
  • Is there any final product limit that I cannot exceed, for example, 100,000? The upper limit of the number of products depends primarily on your store - as the number of products grows, the requirements for the server and the store platform are growing too.

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